Sunday, April 20, 2008

What is Typical Swedish right now - Eco junkies

Well, more and more people are turning in to eco junkies in Sweden. Ecological shops are turning up like mushrooms and people are filling them like there was no tomorrow. Everybody wants to eat ecological food, preferebly homegrown by the local or not so local farmer. Also Fair Trade products are high on the list of goods that are ok to consume.

This is a positive movement I think, as long as we can trust that all the stuff that is moved over the disk is really eco products this is a really great typical Swedish trend!

By the way, why is it that ecological, natural food is labeled as ecological? Shouldn't ecological food be the normal standard and the food that is not ecological rather be labeled as not natural food containing non-natural additives? That would seem to be more logical to me..


Dawn said...

I like your blog! Write more! :)

Fat64 said...

The reason for that is that we live in a world built with MONEY. Not with good intent.